SUSPENDED this is not goodbye, it's a see you soon: D


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Jun 5, 2020
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Good Morning
RevOS is coming to an end.
The last version that will be received from the ROM will be in the middle / end of September and the project will be closed completely.

There are several reasons:
1- Xiaomi will no longer provide more support to SDM845 and go to a stable base with everything that entails again I do not feel like it
2- It is a project that I started with great care and affection but little by little it has been absorbing and taking away a lot of time from my personal life
3- People do not know if you think that Xiaomi or a company pays me for the project to go demanding and always complaining. It is great that you report errors, that you give feedback, one thing is that another, to see you with the right to demand and demand.
4- Never in the almost three and a half years of the project has it given me to subsist or live on it. It has always been a hobby and I have considered it as such
5- I do not have the time or desire to investigate how to develop for the new devices "dynamic partition" it was something that since they were born I have always had in mind and even carried out tests, but given the situation and the demands that I have read, step.
6- Many times I have added things that I disliked just to please users to still read complaints.
7- Other many times we have been carrying out internal tests that inadvertently came out in the final release and have been explained and have only been complaints.
8- You have always had the option to use other ROMs, you could go to demand those of the MIUI ROM projects that are still active, I doubt that they would give you a better deal than we do. We could have been edges. Expel enough people and also earn enough enemies, but the treatment we have given to our users I doubt that you will find in other projects.

Thanks to all those users who have always been faithful to us since everything started and to all those who have supported us.
Thanks to my wonderful R&D team and Betatesters, especially those who since all this started without them, we would not have been able to leave doubts before many errors. Thanks to all those users who have always been able to understand that RevOS has always been developed by a single person despite having a great team behind it. Thanks to my people, and thanks to all of you who have always been with us, what will happen will happen

Thanks to all haters without them we would not have grown up, really thanks, your feedback and bad comments in your groups always helped us know where we were failing :)

See you possibly on another project in a few months. Not everything is the end is the beginning of something new. Different. Best. I need quiet time isolated from projects.

Support groups as well as the web will remain operational.
Likewise, the R&D and Betatesters group will continue to be active since we are like a family, and everyone present knows that I am up to something new, although they do not know when or why.

A hug, sorry if someone is disappointed, but this is a hobby not a job.

Sincerely, BadWolf & RevOS TEAM

P.S; this is not goodbye, it's a see you soon: D
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Jul 28, 2020
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Hola, buenas tardes, qué pena leer esta noticia, no sé mucho de todo esto, solo sé que comencé a usar revos y me sorprendió, tendrás tus razones pero debes saber que tu trabajo es excelente, ¡Le deseo éxito en sus próximos proyectos, espero volver a sus pasos y asegurarme de que esta rom sea la mejor! éxitos y felicitaciones por su arduo trabajo!


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Jul 21, 2020
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I understand how many here your situation, unfortunately there are ignorant people who do not know the work involved in doing this type of hobbies and without remuneration it is more difficult to maintain. Thank you for the great effort that you and your team have made

Entiendo como muchos aqui tu situacion, lamentablemente hay personas ignorantes que no saben el trabajo que conlleva hacer este tipo de hobbies y sin remuneracion es mas dificil mantenerse. Gracias por el gran esfuerzo que han hecho tu y tu equipo