Anounce Regarding Updates of July and August


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Jun 5, 2020
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Next week half week the latest version will be released for Me 6 and Mi Note 3 (only via web) since Xiaomi has left them without support and they are Android 9.
My 6X will continue to receive updates thanks to a Port.
Global update will be released on July 15 for all supported devices
Then another update will be released on July 29 and all RevOS MIUI updates will be suspended until September 9.
All development activity by the RevOS team will be suspended for one month.
As far as I am concerned, on August 25th I will proceed to carry out tests with the base that is most recently available to see what is new and see if anything needs to be corrected.
Our Spanish translation is at 99.99% once we have everything fixed we will proceed to provide the language to all Spanish-speaking regions since it is currently only available for Spanish in Spain
On the other hand and at the end it will finish working on the web and leave it paired and it will try to provide support to Spanish-English in the most explicit parts such as the beginning of it, the faqs and things like that.
Many parts will automatically appear in Spanish once you log into your account and mark the Spanish language on the profile

The devices that Xiaomi will suspend in September with Android 10 will continue to receive support from us with each update that we take out of the devices that still have support, thanks to the fact that we will hybridize the stable version with the developer version.

Lastly, work will be done to provide support to the new Xiaomi devices as we discussed in the past so far, the tests have not been positive, but it will be achieved

I also want to add as a closing of this statement, that once we return in September it will be with news that we hope you like, news that we are going to bring in first person to the rom and that are going to give RevOS a twist in customization and functionality.

Greetings and thanks for reading :)
See you on the 15th with the new version, on the 29th with the last one and until September!