To install RevOS MIUI V12 follow these steps

  • ATTENTION: if you want to use the AUTO-DFE mode that the installer integrates do the following: Download the following file put it in: Internal Memory / Android/ so that the installer reads it and executes remember that if you erase the internal memory you will have to put the file back if it is decrypted
  1. Make wipe DATA (it is not necessary to erase internal in most cases, in others if necessary (when it takes more than 15 minutes to start) it is advisable to make a full backup of the device and its internal memory, if necessary wipe internal uses the function: FACTORY RESET which will ask you to write "yes")
  2. Restart again in Recovery
  3. Send the ROM to the device if you have factory reset
  4. Flash the ROM
  5. It is not necessary to do anything else or even install DFE in case you do not have the memory decrypted since the ROM automatically flashes it
  6. Reboot into system