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How was Revolution OS born?

Revolution OS was born several years ago, when the creator (BadWolf) had a Huawei P9 Lite , and decided to make a CUSTOM ROM for himself, since several projects were under the "brand" Revolution Techs , he decided to call it Revolution OS , the project of Huawei P9 Lite died, and remained in the shadows until it ran into a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with which it resumed all existing projects for Android , including Revolution OS , with the help of Patrontox (Public Relations of what is currently known as Revolution OS) founded and started the AOSP variant, and since its resources were limited I ask a friend of his, known as Murdered, and introduced him to nelo360, the current head of the entire code of Revolution OS AOSP , a great proposal was initiated under Android 8.1 and just she took, but remained closed beta never get to see the light as the owner of Revolution OS (BadWolf) device changed the XIAOMI My 8SE, this device Dispon to MIUI as is the Chinese market, so decided to start the project Revolution OS MIUI, the first phase was no cooperation except that of the great computer equipment Murdered, this phase was primary, for a few Xiaomi devices, testers were sought, among them, Carpeto and Allamasi of Xiaomi Mi 5, GenReVeNant of Mi Max 2, after undertaking this project and with the great collaboration of GenReVeNant , he was able to find the necessary tools, to finish the project as expected, GenReVeNant as well as Murdered have been The great key to this MIUI project has come to light. On the other hand without nelo360 RevolutionOS AOSP would not be what it was.
After several tests BadWolf managed to continue with the beginnings of RevolutionOS AOSP based on Treble , to be able to use the AOSP ROM in Mi 8SE and other devices that still do not officially support it.

There are also other variants, for Wear OS , specifically for the Huawei Watch 2. (Project already suspended today)

The current Revolution OS team works to achieve something large, and on a large scale, for the enjoyment of all its users and followers.

I take this text, to use it as a public letter, I am BadWolf, owner of Revolution Techs, 1991, and I am the creator of the entire RevolutionOS infrastructure , as well as responsible for maintaining the Treble variant of RevolutionOS AOSP (suspended) , and THROUGHOUT the MIUI project , all MIUI devices are compiled by me and tested by my great team of testers .

If you are happy with our work, please, do not forget to thank it for a minimum , to keep the servers using the "Donate" web menu .

  • Thank you all for the trust you have placed in RevolutionOS, I hope to continue for a long time with this great project.
  • Thanks to Irene . For his advice, for holding on and reassuring me.
  • Thanks to Murdered for leaving me his computer until the SSD was disabled and being part of our R&D team
  • Thanks to GenReVeNant for all the collaboration provided and being part of this project.
  • To nelo360 for having been the mind in AOSP
  • To Allamasi for his great collaboration and being part of the R&D team and always testing
  • To Carpeto for his cooperation to obtain the jBart license and to be able to progress in development, together with his perseverance and testing.
  • A recent Camp70 joining the R&D team and great troll
  • To El_Chispas (Vicente) , without him RevOS would not work out so well when it was possible to facilitate test builds, donor of a Mi Mix 2S of 8 / 256GB and of an informatic team that allows us to work with ease, great person but always gossip With the mobile, the poor.
  • To Pepe_dvc, donor of a Xiaomi Translater IA (which I have not yet managed to work properly, but I will succeed) and a Galaxy S7 Edge that almost ends for port tests but I just damaged the bootloader (DEP), great tester and great person
  • To Patrontox
  • To the piece of team of testers that I have from both the betas eng and the Spanish group, which often give me headaches but usually do their job great

Thanks TO:

  • XIAOMI Global Developer (ROM's base)
  • XIAOMI.EU (Updater)
  • Mi-Globe (MODS of Notch and Center Clock)
  • MIUIPRO (Extended Shutdown Menu Adaptation)
  • RevOS Betatesters and the great R&D team
  • RKBD for Google Keyboard themes (its official channel: @rkbdigboard )
  • All users who use our small but mighty proyect on a daily basis and support us in one way or another.