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RevOS AOSP is based on pure AOSP , based on EvoX along with parts of Pixel Experience, ExtendedUI, Resurrection Remix, Bootlegers, Dirty Unicorns, AOSiP, Havoc-OS, OmniROM, Derpfest and Syberia .

Full support is given to the Spanish and English language , also it supports all existing languages ​​in AOSP but not in the proprietary settings of the ROM that are only translated into English and Spanish , these settings will never be translated into other languages , if you device is using the Chinese language, RevOS settings will be in English, everything else will be in Chinese.

Few devices are supported, such as full ROM, only Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro are supported, a GSI image is also offered for the rest of the devices (which have support for GSI), the ROM is being compiled by BadWolf (LoboMalo_SoyDeGatita ) , a specific kernel is used for the ROM ,  and of course we are using our OTA’s API to provide updates without downloading the ROM from the web , so when there is a new update you will receive the notification automatically .

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