The Revolution TechnologiesTEAM presents you it's own Kernel.

For the time being available only to these devices: Mi 8, Mi Mix 2S and Pocophone F1.

As always, innovating to deliver the best to our users.

The kernel is developed by Patrontrox.

Telegram Channel (Revolution Kernel):


Revolution Kernel features

  • Linux 4.9.XXX (most recent)
  • Merged last TAG of CAF LA.UM
  • Compiled with DragonTC and GCC 10
  • Cpu_input_boost
  • Devfreq_boost
  • Android Simple LMK
  • Max backlight
  • Backlight min
  • Governor Pixutil
  • Governor blu_schedutil
  • Zram deactivated
  • Vmstat activated
  • Fsync Control
  • Vibration control
  • Fast charge connected by USB to PC
  • K-Lapse support
  • KCAL support
  • F2FS support
  • Sound control for headphones and microphones
  • Westwood TCP algorithm by default
  • I / O Scheduler CFQ by default
  • Readahead in 128kb by default
  • Wq_power_saving enabled by default
  • 80% higher performance than the Kernel stock (banned benchmarks, does not determine device power)
  • Improved battery life both in standby and in use
  • Enhanced touch in PocoPhone
  • Wireguard support
  • Notification led brighter
  • Support for FK Kernel Manager profiles
  • Reduced latency
  • Reduced the time to enter deepsleep
  • Dynamic Stune Boost
  • Wake boost
  • ULPS Enabled (Ultra Panel Energy Saving)
  • Merged some changes to Linux 5.0
  • Merged Android Q changes for schedulers
  • Merged LineageOS changes
  • Added some boost in CPU and DDR bus
  • Added boost to the camera
  • Frandom added