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Welcome to Revolution Technologies

Here you will find all the Revolution Techs projects, as well as access to our social networks

Our commitment is excellence, aiming to reach as far as possible both at the development level and proximity to the users, to provide them with the best of the best, for their devices in the most professional way possible.

We offer one of the best Custom ROMs based on MIUI for XIAOMI devices.

Team commitment to what we offer

Both our mobile devices software tester, as well as the R&D team wish the best to our users. They exert themselves day and night to be able to provide quality and sustainability in everything we do.

A free project funded by the user community

Our projects are free and always will be, nevertheless we work hard day and night to keep everything operational. We finance the whole projet, servers, computers and other hardware equipment by voluntary users donations not a compulsory payment method. Also when need it through Crowdfunding that we activate occasionally to be able to continue with our projects and support.

Projects of exceptional quality

Since we started the project from the scratch , we gain and rise international reputation until today that we continue giving everything to offer you exceptional quality in everything we do. It is our comintment endorsed by thousands of users.